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Paraty, Brazil: Discover the historical, colonial town in Rio de Janeiro

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

If you are looking for a place to visit in #Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro, #Paraty is the right destination.

Paraty is a small historical & colonial town getaway from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo (it's aboout 4h from both location). The #historical atmosphere takes you through the time with the 17-century #colonial buildings.

Paraty is a preserved Portuguese colonial between 1597–1822. It was founded in 1597. It was established formally as a town by #Portuguese colonists in 1667 around the Church of "Nossa Senhora dos Remedios.

Igreja Nossa Senhora das Dores, Paraty

Photo by Irem Altindag

In the 18th century, the port of Paraty was an important trade point for the gold and precious stones to be shipped to Portugal. Now it`s a charming small town with historical buildings, small boutique hotels, and hippie street sellers and super friendly local people...

Historical Center of Paraty / Rio de Janeiro

Photo by Irem Altindag

Paraty had a significant economic importance due to its sugar cane mills (it used to have over 250 distilleries).

Sugarcane and Carpirinha

Photo by Irem Altindag

The historic center of the city, as well as four areas of the #AtlanticForest, were inscribed on #UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019 under the title "Paraty and Ilha Grande". Paraty offers an amazing #boat tours to Islands, where you can find more than 65 #islands and 200 #beaches.

Islands in Paraty / Rio de Janeiro

Photo by Irem Altindag

Where to stay in Paraty;

Pousada do Ouro is a pleasant historical stay, where Mike Jagger and Jerry Hall and several famous person spent a time to get know Paraty.

Entrance of Pousada do Ouro

Photo by Irem Altindag

Pousada do Ouro is a rustic and cozy 18th century house, which is centrally located in the Historical Town of Paraty. (free parking is available) It`s very close to Pier and about 10min. to Portal Beach by walk.

Pousada do Ouro, Paraty / Rio de Janeiro

Photo by Irem Altindag

You can chill at the pool or playing #billiards while having your #caipirinha.

Pool area at the Pousada do Ouro #ibeachandmoreblog

Photo by Irem Altindag

It offers a traditional Brazilian Breakfast with #Tapioca, #PaoDeQueijo and #tropical fruits...

Breakfast at Pousada do Ouro

Photo by Irem Altindag

Pousada Paraty Literary is a very well decorated and #sustainable Hotel. Hotel is a member of for #BLTA (Brazilian Luxury Travel Association) partners. The hotel is located in Historical Center of Paraty (free parking is available).

Historical center of Paraty and Pousada Paraty Literary

Photo by Irem Altindag

The #Pool area is very stylish and cozy.

Photo by Irem Altindag

It might be better if the hotel offers a morning yoga or another event around the pool for sunset.

Pousada Literaria de Paraty has a fine-dining restaurants, which is called Quintal das Letras next door to Hotel in Historical Center of Paraty.

Breakfast at Pousada Paraty Literaria & Restaurant Quintal das Letras

Photo by Irem Altindag

And the Hotel has a #Fazenda, which is called "Fazenda Bananal" in Paraty, which is a great farm. It`s about 18min by car from their Hotel to Fazenda.

- Casa Luz

If you are looking forward for a peaceful place with an amazing landscape, Casa Luz has a great view point. It`s kind of a #Yogi place for #Yoga & #Nature lovers. Only point, the rooms need to renovate a bit, especially the bed-ware and pillows for a better comfort level, which can be fit to #European expectations.

Casa Luz, Paraty / Rio de Janeiro

Photo by Irem Altindag

And Casa Luz offers an arrangement such a good boat trip for their guest. So much appreciated their guidance for our boat tour.

Where to eat in Historical Center of Paraty;

Restaurant Banana de Terra

Photo by Irem Altindag

Restaurant Quintal das Letras

Photo by Irem Altindag

What to do in Paraty;

- Fazenda Bananal

- Maria Isabel

- Renting a private boat for a tour to Islands

- Chilling on the natural beaches

- Snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil #ibeachandmoreblog

Photo by Irem Altindag

Fazenda Bananal is an original 17th century farm. It has been restored after careful historical and architectural research.

Fazenda Bananal

Photo by Irem Altindag

If you would like to have a sustainable experience, the farm offers you a nice tour at the farm to understand the importance of Nature and its preservation.

It is worth to visit for a nice lunch from their #organic farm to table. Enjoy the fresh good & #fresh food!

Lunch at Fazenda Bananal

Photo by Irem Altindag

- Maria Isabel Cachaça Tasting

The #cachaça is a traditional cultural and social drink, which is directly related to the beginning of the Portuguese colonization of Brazil and the sugarcane trade. It is used be known as worldwide #cocktail, which is called "#caipirinha".

The history of Paraty passed through all the cycles in the region for gold and sugarcane trade until the 17th century and it has reached the production of cachaça (a distilled liquor made of sugarcane) and manioc flour. Today Paraty still remains its importance for the production of cachaça.

- Renting a private boat for a tour to Islands

If you are planning a #boat tour, the right address is BASE II.I with Eder and his father. They are doing fantastic job with their great hospitality and english speaking as well.

(Contact of Eder for boat tour in Paraty : +55 24 99958-7395)

Boat tour with BASE II.I

Photo by Irem Altindag

They live in an amazing island and best hospitality ever!

Eder and the island, where he is living...

Photo by Irem Altindag

Another option is a #speedboat about a 5h tour to the dream islands.

1. Ilha dos Cocos

2. Saco do Mamanguá ( The movie Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn was filming here in 2011.)

3. Lagoa Azul

4. Praia Vermelha (for a lunch break)

5. Jurumirim Beach

And enjoy the best hidden beaches & islands in Paraty and discover the beauty of Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro.

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Photo by Irem Altindag

#ibeachandmoreblog by Irem Altindag

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